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Dress It Up

January 29th

Check out NorthBank Magazine’s Spring Edition on “Dress It Up – Follow a few simple rules to wind up with your best wedding dress.”

Our very own Chelsy Taxel contributed to this column. We are so in love with all the fun easy tips for finding the perfect dress and so much more.

A wedding dress can be a major purchase – one of the largest of the event. Your budget may organize your choices, but you style and instincts will ultimately determine the dress you buy. A Bride should consider the following:

Take Stock Of Your Style. Take some time before you enter any bridal store to go through your own closet. Consider what you truly like about the different styles you wear. Try some of your favorite dresses on. The more you know what you ike to wear and what silhouette is best for your body’s shape, the more prepared you are for trying on all those amazing dresses.

Plan Your Day Of Shopping. Most bridal shop appointments are an hour and a half. Do not schedule more than two or thress of ehese in a day or you will lose track of what struck you, or you could burn out. This sh ould be a fun, non-stress day, so try to work in brunch to get everyone bonded and energized or a post-shopping cocktail to relax and dish.

Choose Your Entourage. Your team of advocates – and possibly loud mouth malcontents – is important to any search for the dream dress. We see a lot of brides and their “helpers,” and we know bringing the right crew is crucial. We suggest that you keep it to a right group of opinionated women that are special to you. You want to make sure those who came with you will help you find the dress of your dreams – not theirs!

Don’t Forget The Bridal Bag. What you put in this bag will help you spot your dress when you put it on and remember it as you travel from shop to shop. Include your favorite bra – the bra that makes you look the best and feel the sexiest. Include a simple pair of heel shoes which can pull the look together, and give you a sense of length and comfort. If you have a special piece of jewelry that you know you will be wearing, bring it to see how it lays in the neckline or around the sleeve. Be sure to carry along your cell phone charger. You do not want ot run low on batteries if you are visually cataloging each dress as you go.

Watch For Deals. Many bridal shops have trunk shows, yearly and seasonal sales and non-traditional party dresses that may be perfect for you. If you buy something off the rack from a website, be sure to get recommendations for a reputable seamstress so your dress can truly be made for you.

Ask All The Questions You Need To. We at Sincerely, The Bride love when brides ask questions because it gives us the ability to find or create the perfect dress for you.