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You’re engaged!

February 17th

Congratulations! You’ve got a shiny, perfect, totally you ring on your finger. You said yes! We are so pumped for you, so take a few seconds and party/freak out right *now*.

Okay, whew! Good job. Now what? It can be incredibly easy to become overwhelmed when you’re trying to figure out where to get started. Now, here at Sincerely, we aren’t wedding planners but we sure do deal with brides! So let’s break down some practical, first steps to get you started.

1) Set a date.
Whether it is your anniversary, a month you like, or a short window of time you can both make work pick a jumping off point. A few details to keep in mind: Wedding season is from June to September. It is the MOST popular time to get married, and Venders and Venues book up quickly. If you want to get married during these months, you may want to go out to the next year.
2) Set a budget.
The 2017 “Average Wedding Cost” numbers have rolled in, and $35,329 is the magic number. That being said, some of the most beautiful weddings I’ve ever seen are small courthouse/diy weddings that are on the extreme low end of the scale. Whatever your budget may be, you and your partner need to set a realistic and comfortable budget that works for you. Once that is done, start pricing out the items that matter the most to you.
3) Choose a Venue.
This is generally one of the priciest things you will pay for, just make sure it can accommodate however many guests you plan on bringing.
4) Go dress shopping!
Purchasing a wedding gown has a standard life cycle of 9 months. Thats right, 9 months! Once you pick a gown, someone has to make it. For you. In your size. That can take up to 6 months! Once your gown has arrived, you then work with a seamstress to have it tailored perfectly to your body. That is a 2-3 month process.
It’s not an exact science, but that is a standard timeline and one that tends to surprise most people.

What a good start! Breaking down the tasks into a list of things you can cross off one by one really helps with the stress. I hope we’ve helped calm you down.
Come back soon, we’re going to break down a gown shopping for you! Who you should bring, what you should look for, and everything you want to know to have an easy, stress-free appointment.

Sincerely, Yours